Theme 3. Synthesis and evaluation of process technologies for recycling nitrogen compounds

To disseminate the process technologies for NOx in exhaust gas and nitrogen compounds in wastewater developed in this research project by 2050, it is necessary to design an innovative plant system. In this study, we investigate a case study for integration of the elemental technologies developed in the project, and carry out a model-based design of the entire plant system using process simulation. In addition, we develop a method for management of the simulation model and data. It also estimates the environmental impact assessment.


Research on environmental impact assessment of nitrogen cycle systems

To systematize the nitrogen circulation technology developed in this research project and to make it widespread by 2050, it is necessary to clarify the environmental impact of nitrogen compound emissions and circulation, and to consider solutions to social issues. In this study, we construct a life cycle assessment (LCA) for the various environmental impacts of our new nitrogen cycle system. We also prepare the additional inventory data of nitrogen compounds for the industrial and other sectors. We also develop a risk assessment method to quantify the effects and impacts on human health and organisms.